Eleanor Talbot

In more senses than one, Eleanor Talbot is the Queen of historical mythology:

  • John Ashdown-Hill has already proved that she was the daughter of the famous first Earl of Shrewsbury – a fact which many historians had questioned for centuries.
  • There is no doubt that Eleanor had a relationship with Edward IV.
  • She was unquestionably the cause which made the Three Estates of the Realm offer the crown of England to Richard, Duke of Gloucester (Richard III) - though Thomas More and other Tudor writers told lies about that later.
  • Eleanor was deliberately airbrushed out of history by Henry VII, following his usurpation of the English throne.

In other words, Eleanor’s story proves that Vergil, More and other sixteenth-century writers told lies – and so did Henry VII.

John Ashdown-Hill’s updated second edition of The Secret Queen (his book about Eleanor), will reveal a new, scientifically produced, facial reconstruction of the set of Norwich bones which may be Eleanor’s remains.

The book also explores a possible explanation for Eleanor’s unexpected early death.

Another forthcoming book by John explores for the first time the true evidence for Edward IV’s movements, and the true evidence for his personal relationships.

Meanwhile the recent Eleanor study day, at Norwich Castle, on 11 June, unveiled the new facial reconstruction commissioned from the University of Dundee, explained its scientific basis, and promoted further scientific study of the Norwich bones.

About Dr John Ashdown-Hill:

A founder member of Philippa Langley’s Looking For Richard Project, in 2004 John Ashdown-Hill discovered Richard III’s mtDNA sequence,* and in the same year he was commissioned by the BBC to disprove the Leicester myth that said Richard III’s body ended up in the river Soar. He is a leading writer on the late medieval period, has done a great deal of research, and published many books and papers. He frequently gives talks on Richard III and related events, and in 2015 was awarded Membership of the Most Excellent Order of British Empire (MBE) by HM The Queen ‘for Services to Historical Research and the Exhumation and Identification of Richard III’.

*Published in 2005

To find out more about John and his publications and events, please visit: www.johnashdownhill.com